tooth whitening procedure

Having perfectly white and bright teeth is something only a very few of us get to enjoy. In many cases, tooth discoloration is unavoidable, giving teeth a yellow, stained appearance. While the enamel starts thinning and staining as a person ages, there are other factors that increase the risk of developing stains more quickly. For example, frequent intake of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, eating foods like berries that stain teeth, using tobacco or taking certain medications, using fluoride excessively etc. Regardless of what causes teeth to have that stained, ugly look, professional teeth whitening procedures can help people get another chance to flaunt their pearly whites.

Are you a candidate for teeth whitening?

Individuals with strong teeth and gums can benefit from professional teeth whitening procedures and get their confidence back by getting rid of those stubborn stains. In most cases, dentists report that patients having teeth with yellow tones respond extremely well to teeth whitening procedures.

However, there are certain conditions when your dentist may suggest you to post-pone or avoid undergoing the teeth whitening procedure. For instance, teeth-whitening is not a good option for people less than 16 years old as this may lead to pulp irritation or sensitivity. Similarly, pregnant women and people with certain allergies are recommended to avoid the treatment. It should be noted that people experiencing oral health problems like gum disease should refrain from undergoing the procedure.  Dentists typically treat problems like tooth cavities before performing or recommending any kind of dental whitening procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening At the Dental Office

While there are many tooth-whitening products available in the market these days, getting a professional dental whitening procedure done at the dental office is a better, safer and more effective way of improving your smile. And this is why most people prefer undergoing their teeth whitening procedure under dental supervision.  Laser teeth whitening is the one of the latest methods in the field of cosmetic dentistry that has promising results. Basically, a special light is used for cleaning the teeth with the application of a peroxide solution. Typically, argon or laser beams are used for bleaching the teeth. While going for conventional teeth whitening methods is a more affordable option, laser teeth whitening procedure is a quicker method of achieving the desired outcome.

Usually, teeth whitening systems available at the dental office use more peroxide gel and as the gums require extra protection, a rubber shield or other form of protective coating is used by the dentist while performing the procedure. In some cases, a follow-up teeth whitening procedure is recommended that can be performed at home by the patient himself. This may help in further enhancing the results achieved by professional teeth whitening carried out at the dental office.